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Bribery and Corruption

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  • 24 Sep 2018 9:27 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    E-commerce giant Amazon has opened an investigation following claims that some employees have accepted bribes in exchange for sales information, deleting negative reviews and other favours.


  • 17 Sep 2018 10:17 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Statement by Ambassador Karen Pierce, UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations at Security Council briefing on corruption and conflict.


  • 17 Sep 2018 10:16 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Six states out of the UK’s current top ten trading partners are not adequately punishing companies that pay bribes overseas, according to Transparency International’s latest Exporting Corruption report.


  • 10 Sep 2018 9:31 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    The 2002 Operation Tiberius report identified eight crime networks involved in drug trafficking, extortion and money laundering that were being helped by 42 named serving and 22 former Metropolitan Police detectives.


  • 10 Sep 2018 9:30 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) expects company directors to have a standard of skill and involvement that ensures that companies don't break EU and UK competition law.


  • 03 Sep 2018 8:16 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    The former assistant manager of Barnsley FC and two other men have been charged with bribery offences.


  • 26 Aug 2018 8:25 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Microsoft is currently under investigation by the US Department of Justice and the SEC over allegations that the company may have engaged in bribery and corruption as part of its Hungarian sales operation



  • 26 Aug 2018 8:24 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Owners of expensive restaurants are being bribed with substantial cash payments by vineyards to stock their wines, a disgruntled sommelier has revealed.


  • 19 Aug 2018 9:37 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    The SFO alleges that the two men conspired to corruptly make payments to a public official and employee of the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM).



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