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  • 23 Sep 2017 8:30 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    This article explores the growing risk of fraud from an organisation’s own employees, the changing regulatory environment and what forward thinking companies are doing to minimise the risks

  • 23 Sep 2017 8:29 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    The audits of companies’ internal controls mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are good predictors of financial fraud, according to a new study.


  • 17 Sep 2017 3:29 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Defendant solicitor Plexus Law have joined the Insurance Fraud Bureau, becoming the 13th affiliate member since the new membership model launched in April 2017.


  • 17 Sep 2017 3:29 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    In tech support scams, fraudsters impersonate major high-tech companies (usually Microsoft, Apple, Dell or Google) and convince victims to grant remote access to their computers


  • 09 Sep 2017 6:11 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    The ACFE survey found that 38 percent of the anti-fraud professionals polled around the world said their organization was unable to identify or address the fraud risks they know they have.


  • 09 Sep 2017 6:11 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    TruNarrative has created a direct link to Cifas, the UK’s leading fraud prevention service, so that its members can now integrate Cifas data with fraud insight, decisions and case management systems all in one place.


  • 09 Sep 2017 6:10 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Dr. Donald Cressey’s Fraud Triangle has endured because it’s correct and simple. However, the ACFE has never stated that the triangle can explain every case of fraud.


  • 03 Sep 2017 6:19 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Trade finance is rife with cases of document duplication and the industry is currently exploring ways in which blockchain can be used to prevent these cases of fraud.

  • 26 Aug 2017 6:56 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Millenials are more likely than pensioners to be targeted by fraudsters for the first time, because they don't bother to check their bank statements, data shows.


  • 26 Aug 2017 6:55 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    These days, consumers generally feel safe that credit card fraud won't come back to bite them. Many e-commerce merchants aren't that lucky though.



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