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  • 17 Sep 2018 10:19 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    The owner of a Tamworth shop has been sentenced after over 12,000 illegal cigarettes and 5kg of hand rolling tobacco were seized in just 12 months.


  • 10 Sep 2018 9:33 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    A couple produced and sold hundreds of fake bus and train passes in a £50,000 fraud


  • 03 Sep 2018 8:17 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    According to a report by the Local Government Association (LGA) many of the counterfeit versions contain dangerous substances including lead, mercury, cyanide, arsenic and paint-stripper which can have toxic effects on vital organs.


  • 26 Aug 2018 8:28 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    A rogue trader peddling fake watches was snared just before boarding a helicopter at the city’s airport.


  • 19 Aug 2018 9:39 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    City centre shopkeeper hit with £1.3k court bill after this secret stash of dodgy tobacco found hidden in wall


  • 12 Aug 2018 8:56 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    He pleaded guilty to copyright offences for illegally creating and distributing karaoke tracks online without permission. Digitop have estimated their loss to be £485,000, while Sunfly Karaoke Ltd’s loss is projected to be £29,593


  • 12 Aug 2018 8:53 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    A shop worker has been jailed for his part in selling thousands of packets of illegal counterfeit cigarettes with potential health risks at two Hereford shops.


  • 30 Jul 2018 10:32 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    The amount of fake vehicle parts available on the market is on the rise. A recent study from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) estimated that more than €2 billion is lost every year due to counterfeit tyres and batteries alone.


  • 23 Jul 2018 2:57 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Flintshire County Council Trading Standards took rogue trader to court where he pleaded guilty to 7 charges of supplying and possessing counterfeit goods under the Trade Marks Act 1994.



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