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  • 19 May 2009 4:14 AM | Deleted user

    chief executive almost brought an international company to its knees by defrauding it of more than £2.4 million to finance the high-life, a court heard. 


  • 13 May 2009 4:15 AM | Deleted user

    A former Liberal Democrat councillor has been jailed for 12 months for stealing £55,000 from the company in Hertfordshire that employed him


  • 25 Mar 2009 4:16 AM | Deleted user

    As money becomes tight, companies are resorting to selling off unrecoverable invoices. Arun Chauhan says “invoice factoring” could usher in a new set of frauds.There are two types of factoring – open and hidden. In open factoring, the company does not mind if customers know they are using a factor. The debtor is sent invoices by the factor to recover the face value of the invoices.


  • 25 Nov 2008 4:17 AM | Deleted user

    For a business executive, it is the stuff of nightmares. A seemingly routine payment to a local fixer by a remote subsidiary results, years later, in an investigation by authorities in the company's home country. The company is forced to spend millions on legal fees, its reputation is tarnished and its share price plummets. Senior managers may even find themselves in court facing criminal charges. 


  • 25 Nov 2008 4:17 AM | Deleted user

    One-fifth of employees admit they have committed fraud against their employer, and more claim they are justified in the lead up to Christmas, a survey has found.


  • 07 Nov 2008 4:18 AM | Deleted user

    VARIOUS monitoring sources put as a direct result of fraudulent activity, the annual loss to the UK economy as between £20bn and £32bn. Whatever the accurate figure, it is a significant amount of money.


  • 31 Oct 2008 4:19 AM | Deleted user

    Police have arrested a former marketing exec at anti-virus firm McAfee on suspicion of scammming millions of dollars out of the security software firm.


  • 27 Oct 2008 4:20 AM | Deleted user

    One of the biggest fraud trials in British history is set to begin in the High Court today amid fears that it could harm London's reputation as a forum for commercial disputes


  • 03 Jul 2008 4:20 AM | Deleted user
  • 01 Jul 2008 4:21 AM | Deleted user

    Reported fraud committed against UK firms rose 74%, costing companies £705m in the first half of the year according to the accountants BDO Stoy Hayward. 



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