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  • 30 Aug 2013 1:41 PM | Deleted user

    Serco is to be investigated for fraud after the British government and the services giant called in police to examine irregularities in records kept for its £285m prisoner escorting contract.


  • 26 Aug 2013 1:52 PM | Deleted user

    The Nursing and Midwifery Council has ruled out immediate action against a Sheffield NHS operating theatre sister who has admitted expenses fraud in the Territorial Army.


  • 26 Aug 2013 1:51 PM | Deleted user

    Two jailed for 15 months after they admitted stealing more than £100,000 from a public body which rehabilitates criminals.


  • 26 Aug 2013 1:49 PM | Deleted user

    A Stoke-on-Trent city councillor has been charged with fraud over alleged discrepancies in a Labour Party bank account.


  • 21 Aug 2013 1:53 PM | Deleted user

    Defence officials “ignored” more that £10million that had been overpaid to contractors, it has been disclosed, as ministers announced that measures introduced to cut fraud and error in Government saved £6.5billion last year. 


  • 19 Aug 2013 1:53 PM | Deleted user

    Cash-strapped councils are losing millions of pounds to housing benefit fraud and the government is not doing enough to stop it, a Tory MP claims.


  • 15 Aug 2013 1:57 PM | Deleted user

    There were "serious systemic failings" in the management of a project started in 2007 to increase business growth in North Staffordshire. The investigation by the government came after an allegation made to Staffordshire Police in 2010 over the tendering processes at the council.


  • 15 Aug 2013 1:57 PM | Deleted user

    Nominations are now open for these awards recognise the efforts of those individuals and bodies within the public sector who have done most to combat and prevent fraud. 


  • 15 Aug 2013 1:56 PM | Deleted user

    A report to Angus Council’s scrutiny and audit committee has revealed a 43% hike in the amount claimed in cases of proven fraud, non-fraudulent error and overpayments from the period 2011/12 to 2012/13. 


  • 09 Aug 2013 1:59 PM | Deleted user

    A council official set up his own fictitious company and invoiced the authority which cheques into it.



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