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  • 02 Oct 2015 5:12 PM | Anonymous member

    The annual UK IP Crime Report 2014/15 provides an insight into the scale and scope of counterfeiting and piracy in the UK and an overview of the work being undertaken to tackle these threats. It is produced by the UK Intellectual Property Office that established and runs the IP Crime Group – a cohort of representatives from private industry, law enforcement agencies and government departments. The 2014/15 results show that in many areas the growth of IP crime is stabilising, with promising signs that the IP enforcement activities of the group are having an impact.

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  • 02 Oct 2015 2:38 PM | Anonymous member

     The report provides an overview of the FCA taking over responsibility for regulating consumer credit and the increase in the number of firms regulated to 73,000. The launch of Project Innovate to help bring new and innovative financial products and services to the market and a review into competition within the wholesale sector are included as well as how the FCA have taken significant steps to implement the new Senior Mangers Regime. The publication of the cash savings market study and the publication of the retirement income market study and implementation of new pension changes along with enforcement action, including on LIBOR and Forex as well as the response to the Davis review.


  • 29 Sep 2015 3:28 PM | Anonymous member

     In this edition KPMG’s cyber security professionals express their views, sometimes conflicting, on collaborating in the space of cyber security: Can it ever truly be achieved? What are the challenges for effective collaboration? And, how can we work to enable collaboration between small, innovative tech firms and large organisations? It is a contentious topic that divided opinion within the team. But instead of forcing a consensus, we created a platform to allow our subject matter experts the space to have their say.


  • 25 Sep 2015 9:33 AM | Anonymous member

    This year's report contains a special, in depth section on the UK's National Health Service (NHS) showing what the NHS's own figures indicate the cost of fraud to be in each main area of expenditure – payroll, procurement, GP, dental, optical, and pharmaceutical services, as well as losses to income from patient charges. There are also examples of types of fraud. 


  • 21 Sep 2015 2:25 PM | Anonymous member

     A survey of 400 IT decision makers (ITDMs) – 200 in the UK and 200 in the US – the report looks at whether organisations are as secure as they should be. With changing roles within companies and with employees and contractors coming and going, it examines whether providing too many people with too much access to too much data is at the root of potential security beaches.


  • 06 Aug 2015 8:22 AM | Anonymous member

     Moving into new markets not only poses key business challenges — it places stress on standards. Rapid growth markets offer a range of opportunities for mining and metals companies. If companies are to realize these opportunities, it is critical that they conduct themselves responsibly and follow leading principles of governance. This publication provides an overview of the current anti-bribery and anti-corruption (ABAC) trends in this industry, and sets out some key steps that companies can take to mitigate risk.


  • 05 Aug 2015 1:15 PM | Anonymous member

    The bi-annual Barometer identifies the latest fraud trends and patterns affecting the UK economy which helps businesses remain alert to new threats and respond to any fraud risks in an appropriate and proactive manner. The Fraud Barometer shows that the total cost (£385 million) of fraudulent activity in the UK has increased 22% in the first half of 2015, compared to the same period last year, whilst the number of fraud cases has remained constant.



  • 05 Aug 2015 1:13 PM | Anonymous member

    Download this new report providing an unprecedented insight into the benefits to UK listed companies of reducing the cost of fraud. In competitive times, cutting the cost of fraud, revealed by the latest global research to represent, on average 5.6% of expenditure can significantly boost profitability and financial health.



  • 04 Aug 2015 9:04 PM | Anonymous member

    In this report CERT-UK highlight what they believe are the current big cyber threats and what UK businesses and organisations need to consider, not just for their own security, but for the UK as a whole. The first quarter has seen no let-up in CERT volume of work or the potential threats; we continued to see the threat from Dridex and Ransomware in general, and have published advice on the Cyber-security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) platform.



  • 03 Aug 2015 3:13 PM | Anonymous member

    Could you be at risk of property fraud? If you own a property, it could be a target for fraudsters, especially if you don’t live there. This leaflet provides important information from Land Registry on what you can do to help protect your property.


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