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    • 01 Feb 2022
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    Tuesday 1 February 2022

    9.00 - 11.00am

    Corporate Fraud Strategy – Insolvency Service and Companies House

    This will be a live online event run using Microsoft Teams

    The link will be issued before the event

    We continue with our virtual Master Class programme and are delighted to invite you to hear Tom Phillips, Rob Clarke, Lee Robins, and Alan Draycott presenting on the topics detailed below.



    Registration, Welcome & Introduction


    Rob Clarke - Chief Investigator.  Insolvent Investigations. (North), The Insolvency Service together with Dave Elliott or Cheryl Lambert, Chief Investigators at The Insolvency Service (tbc) 

    Topic: Director Education and The Insolvency Service 5 year Strategy


    Comfort break


    Lee Robins - Enforcement Service Manager, Intelligence & Enforcement Service, Companies House

    Topic: Proposed changes in Registrar's powers


    Alan Draycott - Deputy Official Receiver, The Insolvency Service

    Topic: Covid Fraud and Insolvency


    Wrap up






    Rob Clarke – Chief Investigator, Insolvent Investigations (North), The Insolvency Service

    Rob Clarke’s career in the Insolvency Service started in the Official Receiver’s office before specialising in the investigation of director conduct. He has been involved in a range of cases, covering a multitude of misconduct, from simple matters of gross incompetence to complex frauds involving pension funds, property developments and tax avoidance. He’s currently the workstream lead on a project exploring the potential for the Insolvency Service to work with directors on their rehabilitation, after corporate failure, and a return to making a positive contribution to the economy.

    Dave Elliott – Chief Investigator, The Insolvency Service

    Dave Elliott  was Official Receiver 2001 to 2017 and then joined IES where as a Chief Investigator he has been involved in investigating various types of companies of all sizes. Currently in addition to his day job, he is one of the project leads on the Director Education project which is a major part of the 5 Year Strategy for the Insolvency Service.

    Cheryl Lambert – Chief Investigator, The Insolvency Service

    Cheryl Lambert has had a variety roles in both Official Receiver Services and Investigation and Enforcement Services. She became a chief investigator in 2014 and has overseen investigations into both live and insolvent companies of all sizes.  Currently in addition to her day job, she is one of the project leads on the Director Education project which is a major part of the 5 Year Strategy for the Insolvency Service.

    Lee Robins – Enforcement Service Manager, Intelligence & Enforcement Service, Companies House

    Service Manager for Intelligence & Enforcement, Chartered Manager and career civil servant with over 30 years’ experience in Companies House, working in many areas including Enforcement, Policy, Operations and Business change. In January 2016 Lee worked on the People with Significant Control (PSC) legislation and leading the Companies House compliance efforts. In 2018 he was heavily involved in the UK’s successful FATF assessment and in 2019-20 he led the Companies House elements of the 5MLD transposition concerning discrepancy reporting. In his current role he is now working hard to prepare for the challenges that will come from the biggest changes that Companies House has seen since 1844.

    Alan Draycott, Official Receiver, The Insolvency Service

    Alan Draycott, Deputy Official Receiver at Nottingham since 2007, with a strong focus on bankruptcy investigation, civil recovery and the production of Bankruptcy Restriction Reports.

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